If I see a bad photo in the Google Image search result and want to remove it, or update it, how do I go about doing that?

I think it might be easier if Google image search got that photo from Twitter or Facebook's profile photo, so I can update my profile photo there and Google will fetch it. But I updated my photo on Twitter, and Google image search doesn't show the new one -- maybe requiring 1 or 2 days to update. Otherwise, how can we remove or update it in the Google image search result?

I sometimes feel like we might be in the age of judging a person in a few seconds, sometimes just by looking at a photo of a person online (so that's why many people may post a smiling photo).

It might matter less usually, but what if an employer uses the person's name to search online when you apply for a job? The hiring manager might want to hire you, but when the director or the VP saw your photo online, he might say otherwise or express a concern if it is not a good photo. (or even if it is just a photo of you holding a beer glass, looking cool, while you are applying for a job in a serious office environment).

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    You need to get the image removed on the source site.
    – ale
    Dec 24, 2015 at 13:34

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From Remove an image from Google - Google Search Help

If you want to delete an (sic) photo from Google’s search results, you’ll usually need to work with the person who owns the site that has the image.

How to remove an image

Note: Go to the above referred help article to see the detailed steps of each list item:

  • Remove an image from someone else’s site
  • Remove a deleted image from search results
  • Remove an image from your own site
  • Remove images from other Google products

Why Google doesn’t remove most images

Most images that show up in Google’s search results are from websites that aren’t owned by Google. Since we aren’t the owners of these sites, we can’t remove the images from the web.

Even if we delete the image from Google’s search results, the image still exists and can be found on other search engines, or if people visit the URL directly.

This is why your best option is to contact the site's webmaster who can remove the page entirely.

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