I wanted to expand the case described in this question.

Probably the topic is more related to security, but I feel like I don't know enough about this, and probably someone might explain better and in simpler terms what's exactly going on.

As mentioned in the cited question, I also did some test in Google Drive. Create a new file, select the option of sharing a file with Anyone with the link ("Anyone who has the link can access. No sign-in required."). Still no visitors. I didn't share the link, not open the link in new tabs, nor the file itself in another browsers. Didn't do anything at all.

At this point I started coping and pasting the link here and there: search bar on Google, random text file, random search bars. No sign of new visitors. But then I copied, just copied, the link in a text box of a Facebook chat I initiated with myself, and boom, got two new anonymous visitors on the file. Sent the message with the link, two more.

Who can explain me what's going on here? Do I have some security issues, or is some Facebook bot?

EDIT 1: Other relevant link that doesn't answer my question though.

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    Facebook tries to include a preview of the site when you post a link. It has to retrieve the page in order to do that. I don't see anything nefarious going on here.
    – ale
    Commented Dec 28, 2015 at 14:05


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