If I recall correctly, there used to be a feature of YouTube which showed the total length of all the videos in a playlist, combined. This was very useful as it enabled you to see the length of a game play-through, etc. A Google search suggests this feature has been removed and no immediate solution presents itself, but is there a way to view the total length without having to add it up manually?

  • I haven’t tested it, but check the script in this answer
    – Alex
    Dec 30 '15 at 6:35
  • Why doesn't Google show this?!? Nov 18 '19 at 16:12
  • 1
    2020 update YouTube Playlist Analyzer as per the developer's note, ..."is no longer maintained by the developer". Alternatives (as extensions for Google Chrome) can be found in this answer Jan 29 '20 at 20:44

I made an app to do exactly that, hosted on Heroku: YouTube Playlist Length. You can also find the app repository here.

Note: it can find the total length of a playlist that has up to 500 videos. If it has more than 500 videos, it shows the total length of the first 500 videos.

  • Curious why the limit up to 500 videos only. May 19 at 15:26
  • 1
    @YetAnotherBot Google only lets you do a limited number of requests per day. If I remove the limit, the requests would get exceeded every day. But if you want more, you can run the code with your own API key.
    – Sharat
    Jun 1 at 7:07

since RedDragon's web tool returneed me an "Internal Server Error" and apparently is not maintained I made a quick few-liner that returns duration, which you can paste into devtools:

var minutes = [... document.querySelectorAll("ytd-thumbnail-overlay-time-status-renderer > span")]
.reduce((acc, dur) => {
    dur = dur.textContent.trim().split(':');
    return acc + parseInt(dur[0]) * 60 + parseInt(dur[1]);
}, 0) / 60;
alert(Math.floor(minutes / 60) + " hours " + minutes % 60 + " minutes.");

or instead of pasting code into devtools you can install and use a userscript I just made, which runs the code above when you press alt + shift + u on a playlist page.


  • I just used @RedDragon's web tool and it worked fine for me.
    – VertigoRay
    Dec 7 '20 at 3:27

You can try YouTube Playlist Duration Chrome extension.


Youtube Playlist Duration Calculator was released January 2020.

I just tested it and it worked well.

  • Mar '21, I confirm it still works. Useful to do it on the Watch later playlist, which cannot be used on other webpages.
    – bracco23
    Feb 28 at 21:17

If you use Firefox, you can install this add-on Youtube Playlist Duration and Progress Calculator to get full duration and watched time (also shown as a progress bar).

It works great with huge playlists too.

You can also blur/shade out watched videos too.

Add-on in use


You can go to https://ytpulse.com and enter the playlist ID or URL to see the total duration of the playlist. It not only shows the playlist duration but also show several other important metrics like the number of the channels in that playlist, view count, channels having highest/lowest video in the playlist and many more promising metrics.

This web app can also show the total number of videos of a channel and its length and also several other important video metrics. If you don’t understand how to do it. Watch the YouTube video here

enter image description here


if you want to know more about YouTube playlist length of video then you can go youtube playlist calculator

this is a good online calculator tool

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