I have become disenchanted with facebook. People going there to rant & criticize is so very old. I would prefer to just be able to go there and read things from Smithsonian & women's health, etc. I don't really know how best to do this. Just delete everyone from my friends list? Create a new account & close the current? I want to keep all of my photos and the hundreds of pages I like to read. What can you suggest?


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All of the options you have are definitely possibilities.

  • Unfriend all of your friends (Instructions)
  • Unfollow all of your friends -- this means that they will still see anything you post and it will still list them as a friend in case you want to interact with them but they will no longer appear on your newsfeed/timeline (Instructions)
  • Deactivate your Facebook and look stuff up manually or create a new account (Instructions - Deactivate), (Instructions - Create an account)

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