I currently have my pictures organized into folders of varying depth (i.e. Pictures/College/Senior Year/ThinkChicago Trip).

It doesn't appear that I can keep this structure if I move my photos to Google Photos (i.e. Google Photos --> Albums --> All of the albums that you want, but only one layer deep, an album with a bunch of photos in it, not an album that contains other albums)

Looking for a good suggestion for a workaround from someone who is familiar with the capabilities - seems like something should exist?


It's true you won't be able to keep the nested folder structure in Google Photos. However, similar to how you can add the same file to multiple folders in Google Drive, or how the same conversation in Gmail can take on multiple labels (folders), you can categorize the same photo across multiple albums.

A photograph from your ThinkChicago Trip could belong to albums titled Pictures, College, Senior Year and ThinkChicago Trip without being a duplicate. So although you lose the subfolder structure, you can retain the relevance of your collection.

Browsing through a nested folder hierarchy would be nice, however at the moment there aren't many options to browse your collection of albums. Right now, you basically get a stream with the most recent album you create showing up at the top.

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  • Ok, so... how can I create an album to share with friends and family once that I can just add new sub-albums to, instead of having to go through the hassle of sharing a new album every day? I am not putting thousands of images in a single album! – Michael Dec 8 '18 at 17:53
  • so although Google's AI can defeat a human grandmaster in the game of Go, and AI is said to be so awesome everywhere as if it is the tomorrow, having an album within an album, such as "2018 Trip to Nevada" and a subfolder of Grand Canyon and a subfolder of "Las Vegas" goes against the collective human intelligence? Or is it just an MVP - Minimal Viable Product that as long as it works somehow, that's fine, unless if a competitor is taking away a lot of customers in this area, then they will act? – nonopolarity Oct 12 at 0:51

There appears to be no way to nest albums. There aren't any tags or similar either.

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