I created a folder in Google Drive, which synced to all my devices. Then I decided to make it Online Only. Instead of going into each device → preferences → unchecking this folder from the sync list, is there such a setting on the web version, so that it unsyncs from all my devices?

(And prevents devices that haven't been used yet from syncing it in the future, if their preferences are set to "Sync Everything in My Drive")

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    Doesn't appear to be possible. I'll keep looking but it really looks like you'll need to visit each device and tell it what folders to sync.
    – ale
    Jan 5, 2016 at 20:18

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Short answer

At this time there isn't a option on Google Drive to make a folder unsyncable.


Google Drive sync settings to exclude folders from syncing are only available in the Google Drive for PC/Mac. They are not available on

  • the web app
  • the offline settings
  • the mobile apps for Android and iOS.

These settings only allow to choose if all the folders will be synced or only few of the them at the root level. If any of the root level folders is selected, all the folders inside it will be synced. These settings only apply for the device where Google Drive for PC/Mac is installed.


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