Like many mathematics grad students, I have a professional website, which I built using Weebly because of its relative ease of use. In order to display mathematics nicely, I've been using MathJax which has worked extremely well until a few days ago, when it stopped rendering on the published website. The odd part of this is that it renders just fine in the auto-preview window of Weebly's HTML/CSS editor. I contacted Weebly's support team and the person with whom I spoke was unable to provide me with any satisfactory answers and I'm at something of a loss as to what to do from here, short of rewriting my entire website from scratch and hosting it on my department's server instead, which is obviously not something I really want to do.

The "tried and true" method of using MathJax with Weebly, which worked fine until recently, is to insert the code:


before the


tag in the landing.html file.

Attached are images displaying the perplexing difference between the auto-preview and the published website.HTML/CSS editor enter image description here

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