I'm have a list of IDs in a column on Google Spreadsheets. I need to check:

  1. That there are no duplicates in the column

  2. Which cells contain the duplicates

Is it possible to do this?


A closely related question is How can I find duplicates in a column, using formulas? but your desired output is somewhat different (you want to see the cells that contain duplicates rather than just the values themselves).

  1. The formula =counta(A1:A)-countunique(A1:A) evaluates to zero if all entries in A are unique; otherwise it shows how many duplicates are there.

  2. To see which cells contain duplicate IDs, apply conditional formatting to column A1:A with the custom formula =countif(A$1:A, A1)>1 (If the range was instead B3:B, the formula would be =countif(B$3:B, B3)>1).

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