I am trying to display times in Google Sheets without an AM/PM indicator, but with 12-hour time (not 24-hour "military-style" time). I do not need the AM/PM indicator as it is redundant in my situation.

I'm currently using a custom date and time format:

[Hour (1)]:[Minute (01)][AM/PM (p)]

...which displays 2:15 PM as "2:15p".

If I change this to:

[Hour (1)]:[Minute (01)]

...it displays 2:15 PM as "14:15". However, I do not want 24-hour time.

Is there any way to leave off the AM/PM indicator while still displaying the hours in 12-hour time format?

I'd rather not do the formatting in a formula (converting the values to text) as my times are consumed by formulas in other cells.

  • Do you need time of the day o number of hours (duration)?
    – Rubén
    Jan 18, 2016 at 23:27
  • @Rubén I need time of day. Jan 19, 2016 at 4:45

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It's not possible without a formula. Separate time storing from time displaying by using one cell to store the time and another to display it in the desired format by using a formula like the following


Good question: I just looked expecting to find an option under Format > Number > More Formats > Custom Number Format but couldn't see anything that would work.

If you do end up doing it with a formula, then the easiest approach may be to use helper columns, and something like =if(hour(E6) > 12, hour(E6)-12, hour(E6))

(Not the answer you want, I know, but I cannot see another, and couldn't find one by experimenting either.)


This is a total kludge, but if you want to do it without an extra column in your table, you can edit the format (Format > Number > More Formats > More Time and Date Formats) and then just insert a ton of spaces after the minutes and use the column size to hide the AM/PM part.

E.g., (Hour 1)(Minutes 01)(AM/PM a) -----> (Hour 1)(Minutes 01) (AM/PM a)

Then, just hide the am/pm text with column size.

There's a ton of reasons why this will eventually cause greater irritation than it is worth, but for something quick and dirty, I have found it to be convenient.


You don't need a formula; it's actually quite simple. If you input time is like this:
2:30 PM (with a space in the middle),
it will automatically switch your input to the 24hr equivalent. But if you input the time as 2:30pm (without a space in the middle), and THEN hit enter, it will automatically correct your input to 2:30 PM, as opposed to the military time format.


I hope this helps although I am not knowledgeable yet about this:


I am open for feedbacks although I am late in answering this.


I hope this helps although I am not knowledgeable yet about this:

=(IF(HOUR(TEXT(NOW(),"hh:mm"))<12,"",HOUR(NOW())-12))&":"&TEXT(MINUTE(TEXT(NOW(),"hh:mm")),"00")&" "&UPPER(IF(HOUR(TEXT(NOW(),"hh:mm"))<12,"am","pm"))

I am open for feedbacks although I am late in answering this.


If your targeted cell is another long formula and you want to prevent writing it twice you can use two Substitutes:

=Substitute(Substitute(Text(A1, "H:MM AM/PM"), " am", ""), " pm", "")

This will show the current time like 10:00 am:

=HOUR(TEXT(NOW(),"hh:mm"))&":"&TEXT(MINUTE(TEXT(NOW(),"hh:mm")),"00")&(IF(HOUR(TEXT(NOW(),"hh:mm"))<12," am"," pm"))

Slightly kludgy works for goodenuf solution I just need it done:

  • Leave formatting as 12 hour time format with annoying AM/PM afterwards i.e. 11:59 AM
  • Right justify the cells
  • Narrow the column so AM/PM is not visible

Wide times like 12:45 cut off the 5 but not enough to matter - still can read it Everything else displays perfectly

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