I see that LinkedIn now offers showcase pages so you don't need to have a company page for a product. My company page is Wine With Spirit and I created a company page for one of our products at Lyfetaste.

Do you know if it's possible to turn that company page into a showcase page?

And if not, would deleting it free the name for me to re-create it as a showcase page?

I don't want to delete it and have it forever stuck.

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No there is no direct way to convert a company page into Showcase page. Deleting would not be free it name, and also you will lose your followers.

Better to create a new relative Showcase page and invite all company page followers to follow Showcase page.

I would suggest do not delete your company page. Deleting would not be a good idea. Might be you need this page in future.


A showcase page is a sub page of a Company page. You need to have a company page. A good example is how My company page and corresponding showcase sub pages are designed.

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