I want to post an image with text as a Facebook page post.

There are three options on IFTTT:

  1. Text post (where it doesn't let me post images)
  2. Website (not what I'm looking for)
  3. Album post (posts as an album, not as a post)

Is it possible?

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    What are you doing to the initiating from? Email? Some other service? Commented Jan 24, 2016 at 3:52

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You want to choose #3 - Album post aka upload a photo from url.

This will still "post" the photo to facebook but also add it to the album you choose.

Unfortunately, on Facebook all photos are actually part of an album. By default photo posts created on Facebook are part of the Timeline Photos album. Source.

On IFTTT if you leave the Album field blank it will be added to the IFTTT Photos Album.


I found that if you name the album (in your IFTTT settings) "Timeline Photos" then the image and post comes in as a post with a full image; and without Facebook describing that you added a photo to an album.

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