Say I get an email with 30 addresses in the To: field (or CC, etc) is it possible to create a new mailing group from all these people in any webmail app?

I'm sort of primarily looking for this in Hotmail and Gmail, but I can't find anything.


Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be a way to do this directly.

This is the fastest way I found to do it in Gmail.

  1. Click "show details" to display the entire To: field
  2. Copy all of the e-mail addresses shown there
  3. Change to "Contacts" and select "New Group"
  4. Click on the group name to display it
  5. Click the button which says Add to "<groupname>". This will open a simple text area
  6. Paste the e-mail addresses you copied into the text area

If any of the e-mail addresses are already in your contacts they'll just be added to the group.

It certainly does seem like Google is missing an opportunity here, though.

  • Thanks Al, that does indeed seem to be the best that I can do. I'm going to continue leaving the question open in case one day some webmail/email provider actually adds this feature. – quodlibetor May 4 '11 at 20:19

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