I'm trying to have people go back in after they've submitted the form and fix things. I've marked the entries incomplete and want to, whenever the form is deemed incomplete, have an automatic email response sent to the enterer asking them to complete other details. How do I do this?

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Here is a detailed description of how to automatic the process of asking your customers to make changes after they have submitted their Cognito Forms.

Enable Link Sharing

Under Build - Form Settings:

  1. Turn on Entry Link Sharing
  2. Set Allow Edit Links to Always
  3. Click on the email template to customize the email that will be used when you share view/edit links with your customers.
  4. Make sure to specify the field on your form that contains the email address of your customer

turn on entry link sharing

Enable Save & Resume

Under Build - Submission Settings, enable Save & Resume:

turn on save & resume

Share Edit Links

Under Entries, select the entry you want your customer to update and follow these steps:

  1. Click Share above the entry
  2. Under Share a Link - Edit Link, select Link Expires - When Submitted
  3. Click Get Link to mark the entry as Incomplete and create an edit link for the entry

share entry edit link

  1. Further customize the sharing message to provide instructions and click Send

enter image description here

You customer will then receive the email asking them to make changes, including a link to edit their submission. They will be able to edit the entry, including saving incremental changes, until they click Submit. When they click submit, they will no longer be able to make changes using this link and the normal submission emails and integrations will be kicked off.

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