As in per title, is there a way to optionally send an email in plain text instead of HTML?

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    Inbox by Gmail was retired in April, 2019 and is no longer available. – ale Jul 5 at 12:46
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The only way I found is to not use Inbox for plain text email. For such emails (the git mailing list accepts only plain text emails, for example), I need to switch to using Gmail only to compose plain text emails.

Gmail has this "feature"..

  • Click Compose
  • Click the "More Options" 3-dot icon
  • Select "Plain text mode"

enter image description here


This is not possible at the moment. The only (remote) option you have is to compose your email and then remove the formatting (available only in the desktop version). I know it’s not even close to being the same, but there is no other option for the time being.

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