I'd like to add the opposite of "Additional Fees" in the Payment Settings; basically, I want to offer a discount of 5% for 20 to 40€ items purchased, 10% for 40 to 80€ and 15% off for more than 80€ purchased.

Is that possible?

  • Check this help page — it’s exactly what you are looking for (under Volume Discounts).
    – Alex
    Commented Feb 9, 2016 at 13:13

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Applying discounts in Cognito Forms is both easy and powerful. The key is to use the Price field to calculate negative prices based on form selections.

To start with, check out this great blog post describing three easy ways to create discounts on payment forms. Then use a calculation like the following to apply your discount via the Price field:

=if TotalBeforeDiscount > 80 then -0.15 * TotalBeforeDiscount else
 if TotalBeforeDiscount > 40 then -0.10 * TotalBeforeDiscount else
 if TotalBeforeDiscount > 20 then -0.05 * TotalBeforeDiscount else 0

In this case, TotalBeforeDiscount is a Calculation field that you create to subtotal the form prior to applying the discount.

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