If someone wants to know total number of views of all the videos of a YouTube playlist/channel, i.e. literally, the SUM of view-counts of all the videos in a playlist; Here is a solution.

note: If there are other ways to do this, please share those as well, in comments or answers.


Here is a Hack/solution:

Step 0: Firstly, analyze the target YouTube playlist/channel using YouTube-Playlist-Analyzer.

Step 1: Then, Open the javascript console of the web browser (from within the same tab where you have just analyzed the target playlist, do this: Right Click > Inspect > JS Console].

Step 2: Copy-Paste the following code in the JS console, and hit enter.

sum=0;for(i=0;i<json_items.length;i++){sum+=parseInt(json_items[i]['viewCount']);}console.log('Total Views: '+sum);

You should see the total view counts in the javascript console as output like below:

Total Views: 17665


For a more formatted output, copy, paste and run the following javascript code (it also gives sum total of likes, dislikes and comments):

viewSum=likeSum=dislikeSum=commentSum=0;for(i=0;i<json_items.length;i++){viewSum+=parseInt(json_items[i]['viewCount']);likeSum+=parseInt(json_items[i]['likeCount']);dislikeSum+=parseInt(json_items[i]['dislikeCount']);commentSum+=parseInt(json_items[i]['commentCount']);}console.log('Total Views: '+viewSum+', Total Likes: '+likeSum+', Total Dislikes: '+dislikeSum+', Total Comments: '+commentSum);

Now, The output in the JS console would be like:

Total Views: 17665, Total Likes: 219, Total Dislikes: 4, Total Comments: 82

That's it.

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