I have a Google Sheets where I store customers details and the date of the last time I contacted or was contacted by this customer:

Customer name   |   Last contact date
Bob             |   2016/01/30
John            |   2016/02/16

I have to update the Last contact date cell very often.

Is there a keyboard shortcut to replace the current cell's content with today's date?
Or anything faster than looking at my calendar and typing it.

Obviously, =TODAY() is not a solution because it would change the date all the time.

Note: Not a duplicate of How to stop Now() function from auto-updating, which indeed has a solution that partly contains the answer to the present question, but is 1) Taken from a radically opposed point of view 2) About timestamps, not dates.


There is a shortcut exactly for this:

  • Select the cell
  • Press CTRL and ;
  • That's it, the cell's content has been replaced with today's date.

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