It's one of those small things that is driving me nuts - how do you reverse the sorting order of comments on Vimeo videos so that new comments come in first instead of last?

I can easily (as I assume others would already have) write a simple userscript that does this, but I just need to make sure there isn't something obvious which I missed out.

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Okay, I've written the script to do this. Install - Source

Vimeo Comment Order Reverser

This simple script reverses the order of Vimeo comments so that the top comment will be the most recent instead of the oldest. It will attempt to load more comments if possible (because the oldest comments will only be available for reverse when they're loaded), which may cause video pages with large amount of comments to become more sluggish on slower computers.

This will not work on Internet Explorer because it uses DOM functions which are not available on poor old IE.

Comment on code quality and other optimisation are very welcome.

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