I'm working on a document with multiple sections which is bound to have loads of comments from various people. I would like to dynamically aggregate all comments on a particular section below that section.

If this is not possible, then at least a separate doc of all aggregated comments would be useful.

Is this possible in any manner?


I don't think Google Drive/Google Apps for Work offer any programming interface to the comments, and I doubt there will be one. Comments in Google Docs are different from comments in MS Word in that each comment is actually a discussion thread where different contributors can go back and forth on a single subject, close the thread as resolved, or reopen the thread. It would be messy trying to organize the comments independently and without context.

A work-around would be turning on notification. You'd get periodic update mail on editing suggestion and comments. Then you can write Google Apps Script that parse the message content and try to come up with a summary.

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I did the following to "extract" the comments:

  • Export the google-doc as .docx
  • Open the .docx
  • Select all
  • Copy
  • Paste as an e-mail draft in Gmail. -> All the comments are gathered in the very end of the draft, every comment as a separate line.
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