Apparently, there is a way to view a Google Docs document as one long scrolling page (like a web page), instead of the antiquated default with separate pages. It is called Compact View, and it actually used to be the default view.

Currently, I can't find how to enable it. This Google Support page seems to imply it is tied to the "Compact Controls" setting, but I think someone at Google got confused about the similar names and made a mess of that page.


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To toggle between the view that shows the break pages and the one that hide them, on a Google document click on View > Print layout .

The following snapshot shows a document having two pages with the print layout turned off:

Print layout off

An alternative method to turn off the print layout view is to double click on the space between pages


There are several ways to submit feedback to Google,

  1. Use the feeback form at the bottom of referred help article
  2. On a Google document, click on Help > Report a problem
  3. Post your feedback at the Google Docs Help Forum
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    Excellent! The double-click shortcut is especially cool! Commented Feb 24, 2016 at 14:22

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