Is it possible to create a public Trello board, but only allow those with the link to view it (i.e., it does not show up in Search Engines)?

The need here is to have a somewhat private board (without sensitive information, but not applicable to the outside world), but reduce the friction from requiring every single stakeholder interested in the board to need to create an account and sign in every time.

This is similar to YouTube's unlisted option:

YouTube Privacy Options

Trello has the following privacy options:

Trello Privacy Options

Can you add a robots tag to a public board?

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You can expose a read only view of a private board through trello.link, a third party application built by a Trello Dev using the Trello API .

Trello Link

Although, the functionality is somewhat limited compared to a full board.

  • trello.link was shutdown Dec 1, 2017.
    – angularsen
    Feb 16, 2018 at 7:29

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