I would like the default setting to be Labeled for reuse. How can I make this setting apply permanently?

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I've been seeking this for a long time and have yet to find an extension or modifier that will change the defaults image search uses.

My only solution so far was to create a search engine I enter in chrome, with a shortcut gcc (or whatever works for you) and for the query URL:


This means in the URL bar I can enter gcc TAB then enter search terms.

It works great, but if I modify the search at all, it reverts to those default settings. The query parameter for the license settings appears to be for CC search


and for "Commercial and Other Terms" that value is


I've been using these for years, almost any sites search result can be made into one of these just modifying the results for the search query to be %s


I found a new idea, install the Requestly extension which is used to modify URLs.

I have a pattern that looks for urls containing the google image search parameter tbm=isch and if it is in the URL, it adds the parameter tbs=il%3Acl that makes the results Creative Commons only.

Import my rule of create a rule like this

enter image description here

All google image searches I have tested so far have the CC option enabled -- the only way to not use it is to disable the rule or the extension. If I was better at regex i could maybe find a more elegant rule pattern.

But all my image searches come with CC selected.

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