Right now I'm uploading a somewhat large MP4 video to YouTube (3GB). It's been over an hour and it's nearly halfway there.

In any case, I got disconnected (aprox. 5 - 10 times) while doing so, due to a faulty network adapter driver. It's now been fixed.

While the upload process seems to resume from the previous point, I'm a bit distrustful about whether the transferred file will contain any errors, because I'm yet to see a web upload form which gets it right with the resume functionality.

Question: Is the uploaded video going to be a perfect, bit-by-bit copy of the file I have on disk, even if internet went off several times during the transfer? If some sort of corruption is likely to happen, I'd rather manually restart it right now.

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The Youtube upload engine is very powerful. Since I asked this question, I have witnessed a number of occasions in which the upload process was interrupted and then resumed without any sort of error.

I cannot testify beyong doubt whether the uploaded file is bit-identical, but it most likely is.

  • And the same cannot be said about Vimeo. :/
    – Marc.2377
    Sep 5, 2016 at 13:51

Whenever I have lost connection in mid-upload to youtube it has always picked where it left off when I re-connected. HOWEVER, this morning google chrome crashed and effectively turned my computer off...when I reconnected to the browser I had lost everything. I was using the internet in Italy (veeeeeeryy slow), 20% uploaded a 1.3GB file after 2 hours!

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