As title states, I'd like to be logged into Gmail but not have Google search logged in. I've tried DuckDuckGo but nothing beats the search results from Google in my opinion. Besides using incognito or different browsers, what are my options?

I'm currently using Google Chrome.

  • Do you not want incognito so that you can keep a local history of searches? In general, incognito / private browsing is a useful tool to reduce tracking.
    – pseudon
    Mar 24 '16 at 13:58

There may be others, but https://disconnect.me/search is a well known tool to use popular search engines (including Google) without being tracked by the search provider (or the tool provider).

  • Disconnect is the standard search in the Tor browser bundle. I tend to do my searches in Tor, on DuckDuckGo, or worst case in a private browsing tab. I've strictly avoided searching while logged in for many years.
    – pseudon
    Mar 24 '16 at 14:09

Browse Google without being logged in while still logged into Gmail

To use Google, aka Google Search, without being logged in while you are logged in Gmail, use one of the following:

1: Two different web browsers 2: Use two different web browser profiles
3: Use two windows of the same web browser, one in regular navigation mode and the other in private navigation mode 1

The above is because Google Inc. now use a only one login for most of their web services, so once you sign in almost any Google web service you will be logged in most the the others.

1 : In Google Chrome the private navigation mode is called incognito mode.


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