I have a sheet like so:

  A B
1 W X
2 Y Z

I have the range A1:A2 named as "Column1". I want to display that range elsewhere. Now if I wanted to display it as a row, I know =TRANSPOSE(Column1) works. But how can I display it as a column? I know =TRANSPOSE(TRANSPOSE(Column1)) works, but that's not nice. This seems like a very simple problem, but after a lot of googling it seems that people don't do it. How can this be achieved?

For reference, I want to be able to write, for example, =FOO(Column1) in B1 and have the following output:

  A B
1 W W
2 Y Y

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Use the array notation:


This is also useful for combining ranges (if the sizes match): ={ran1, ran2; ran3, ran4}

Reference: Using arrays in Google Sheets

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