I'm trying to create a grade sheet where it will flag number grades in a certain range by turning that row another color.

The problem I'm having has to do with grades of Zero. I have this formula for the other grades, with 90% being the passing mark, so anything above that isn't marked

=and($E:$E<90%, $E:$E>0%)

The problem is that apparently the value of an empty cell is considered to be 0 by the spreadsheet. If I did a conditional format with the following:


the spreadsheet lights up.


You can use isblank() to format blank cells the way you want to. For example

=or(and($E:$E<90%, $E:$E>0%), isblank($E:$E))


=or(and($E:$E<90%, $E:$E>0%), not(isblank($E:$E)))

By the way, you can simply enter $E1 here instead of $E:$E - the conditional formatting formula can be written as it applies to the upper left corner of the range.

  • Here's a link to what the table will look like: Example Table - as you can see, one of the problems is that the Grades column will contain four different classes of values. There will be some blank cells, some that contain o% that I want to highlight that row in red, from 1%-89% that will be highlighted yellow, and then 90% and above that won't have highlighting. – draconix Apr 1 '16 at 23:13
  • 1
    The root cause here is poor data organization. The comments should have been placed in one cell (line breaks can be created with Ctrl-Enter) instead of spanning across several rows. – user79865 Apr 1 '16 at 23:17

Finally I got it to work. Here's the formula I used:


The organization of the cells is because there is another layer to the data that I forgot to include in the example. Each grade is composed of different sections that are graded separately. For example

Creative Writing - Pass
Grammar - Fail

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