I maintain my web site in a version of markdown, with the common table extension.

I maintain my inventory as a google spreadsheet.

I'd like a quick way to copy paste a chunk of a spreadsheet, and get it out as markdown. Failing that, pointers to a google-api script that does this.

In passing things I tried: 1. Copy and paste into document. (It works for gmail, why not?) Result: Alphabet soup.

  1. Prepare a spreadsheet chain. Sheet 1 is blank. Sheet 2 has columns that reference sheet one, but Sheet2 col B references Sheet 1 col A Col D references B, and so on. The odd columns are markdown text. This works but is incredibly ugly.

  2. A second version of this calculates the longest element in each column, and pads all other elements with blanks. This produces better results, but it's still a pain to maintain.

A google search for google sheets markdown found several things that work badly.

  • What did you tried? Did you already looked at the documentation? What search terms did you used? Do you already look for an add-on that does the conversion to markdown? Commented Apr 3, 2016 at 15:23

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Actually the answer is trivial: Google webapps has



Works reasonably well.

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