I have a question about combining rows to a column in Google Spreadsheets. There are a lot of threads already about this topic, but I couldn't find one about this particular problem.

This is the data I have at the moment.

  • Name1 Name_1_belonging_to_1 Name_2_belonging_to_Name_1
  • Name2 Name_1_belonging_to_2 Name_2_belonging_to_Name_2
  • Name3 Name_1_belonging_to_3 Name_2_belonging_to_Name_3

What I need is:

  • 1 Name1
  • 2 Name_1_belonging_to_1
  • 3 Name_2_belonging_to_Name_1
  • 4 Name2
  • 5 Name_1_belonging_to_2
  • 6 Name_2_belonging_to_Name_2
  • 7 Name3
  • 8 Name_1_belonging_to_3
  • 9 Name_2_belonging_to_Name_3

You can do this using split, join and transpose and just adjust your range to include the actual number of rows:

=transpose(split(join(" ",A2:A3)," "))

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