In Google docs (spreadsheet) under Filter View, I am trying to write a custom formula for multiple conditions. For example, in column O, I may have "Jury Room" and also "Jury Rooms" and so I am trying to filter for anything beginning with just "Jury." Under the predefined conditions there is "Text Starts With" which would serve my purpose but I also want to search for other items in the same filter condition.


You can do this with a regexmatch function using the custom formula option under the filter by condition options instead of starts with:



in regexes: the ^ means beginning of string/line and the | is the OR operator for regexes

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    Thank you Aurielle, this worked and you have introduced me to use of regular expressions, and so I have done already all sorts of things beyond my initial question. I appreciate this web site and I appreciate you for taking the the time to respond to my request for assistance. Tim – user120903 Apr 10 '16 at 17:49

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