While searching for answer to How can I trigger a function when switching sheets within a spreadsheet? I noticed that the Triggers for current project dialog has an option for specifying a trigger interval in seconds.

That is, in the first drop-down menu (a), I select On time, and in the next (b) I select Timer, seconds (a):

The Triggers for current project dialog

Now I would expect the drop-down menu c to contain the items Every second, Every 2 seconds, Every 4 seconds and so on. However, it lists the options Every hour, Every 2 hours etc - as if I had selected Timer, hours in a.

This looks like a bug, right? Or is there another way to set up a trigger that runs every X seconds?

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Using English as the main language in the Google account settings the options for the second drop-down (b) are

  • Minutes timer
  • Hour timer
  • Day timer
  • Week timer
  • Month timer

There isn't a seconds timer, so it's very likely that there is localization error. Use the Google Apps Script Issue Tracker to report it to Google.


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