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When I sign in to Google Inbox, the "Stay signed in" box is checked by default on the password screen. Sometimes I forget to uncheck it.

Is there a setting somewhere to disable it for good? (At least for my "Google Apps for Work" email?)

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Using either an Incognito window in the Chrome browser or Guest mode on a Chromebook will erase all cached data when you close the last tab. (Other browsers offer a "Private" browsing mode as well.) This includes your authorization or sign-in cookie. When using these modes it won't matter if "Stay signed in" is checked or not. You won't be logged in next time you open an Incognito window.


The only way to disable this is by logging out of your email and logging back in. When you do log back in, do not check that box.

I don't know what browser you are using, but make sure that you take that account info off of your saved passwords list.

If all of the above won't work, I think your last resort would be deleting cookies/saved passwords (if saved passwords is even an option).


You may want to use this add on:


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    It'd be nice to explain that this is for Firefox only and exactly what it does. Also, if you have a vested interest in this add-on, you must disclose that in your answer.
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