I am using Mailchimp mail template designer to create the template

First I select the basic template here:

template selector - 3:1:3 column structure

And when I edit the template

editing the template

I would like to create more rows at the template, e.g. 3 lines of photos instead of 2 lines now, anyone have experience adding more rows (and can select 1/2/3 column) at the mail template design?


Unless you are willing to code your own template, basic templates have predefined sections that cannot be duplicated.

That is why when you go to the Content tab you do not see any columns option.


What you can do though, is to add more elements by duplicating them or by using drag and drop. But always within the predefined sections of the template.

How to add a new row of images

Judging from your screenshot you chose the "3:1:3 Column - Banded" template.
When you click on the design tab you can see the different sections of the template.


We try the "Lower Columns Design". (I have colored the section's background and borders so as to stand out).


When we take a closer look we see that the section has 3 separate columns.


We can add more image rows within this section by either duplicating the individual image placeholders,


or using drag and drop,


for each column of the section. This way we can have as many rows as we want.


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