I often get email notifications that someone has replied to my post on YouTube. When I click on the link in the email to "see all comments" that comment is often not there.

What is that about?

How can I find that comment?

How can I reply to that comment?

  • How many comments are there? A lot or not very many? – MrWhite Apr 19 '16 at 7:13

Try checking youtube.com/comments.

If YouTube thinks a comment may be of low quality, it will sometimes hold comments for manual review before publicly displaying them on a video. If you've been emailed about a comment and you can't find it on your video, it's more than likely being held for review, or was marked as spam.

Review comments

Note: This answer was originally posted on the similar, possibly duplicate question It won't let me see other peoples comments on my YouTube videos that I post. How do I fix this?


It's a YouTube glitch I think; I often get it too. I waited it out and sometimes it will appear and sometimes will not. Just wait. YouTube still needs to fix it though.

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