I need Apple Mail because a web application (Pipedrive) I'm using links to Apple Mail to send emails (it doesn't link to Gmail app). Thus I want to use Apple Mail to send email. I don't want it to store or receive email. I just need Apple Mail to link with Pipedrive.

As a solution I tried to revoke permissions via Gmail security: https://security.google.com/settings/security/permissions?pli=1 This however resulted in my not being able to send emails via Apple Mail. I also went into the labels tab in Gmail and unticked "All mail" for "Show in IMAP". This has not done anything:

unticked "All mail" for show in IMAP

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So, I realized there was a setting that was making all emails drop into trash on Apple Mail. This in turn was feeding back to Gmail and causing all messages to be moved to trash. This article told me the correct setting to be changed in Apple Mail preferences->mail box behaviours. Specifically:

Drafts unticked,
Sent unticked,
Junk ticked,
Trash unticked.

It would be nice to know the mechanics of why this works but that's a chapter for another day.

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