Using Google Sheets with the expression SUMIF, is there a way to make the criteria field look for 2 types of values using OR logic?

A    B  
Joe  1  
Joe  2  
Tim  3  
Roy  4  
Tim  5  
Roy  6  

How do I make a SUMIF for the rows that have Joe and Roy so the result is 13?

Someone showed me how to do it on LibreOffice Calc simply with =SUMIF(A1:A6;"=Joe|Roy";B1:B6), but that doesn't seem to work on Sheets. I've currently resorted to a query like so, =sum(query(A:B,"Select B where A = 'Joe' or A = 'Roy'")), is there a simpler way with just incorporating the pipe |?



There are many ways to do this in Google sheets. One is:


to make it with sumif:


Filter with OR logic

and this formula is ok:


but it's not so easy to use when you want it matching more then 2 names.

DSUM function

To sum whith multiple criteria, use DSUM.

Prepare data A1:B7:

Name    Sum
Joe       1
Joe       2
Tim       3
Roy       4
Tim       5
Roy       6

Prepare range with conditions D1:D3:


And use formula DSUM:

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  • well that did the trick, thanks why's regexmatch necessary in this scenario btw? – timoseewho Apr 20 '16 at 6:27
  • 1
    As said in help, criterion can contain wildcards including ? to match any single character or * to match zero or more contiguous characters, but nothing said about "|" char to match two or more values. – Max Makhrov Apr 20 '16 at 6:57

This can be accomplished using SUMPRODUCT and REGEXMATCH.


enter image description here

It works by first applying REGEXMATCH to every entry in A:A. This results in an array of TRUE (1) or FALSE (0) values as shown in column C and D. Then SUMPRODUCT is called which multiplies each 1 or 0 by the values in B:B as shown in the formula:

1*1 + 1*2 + 0*3 + 1*4 + 0*5 + 1*6 = 13
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