YouTube has the option to disable autoplay. However SoundCloud appears to have no such option. Is this the case or can it be disabled?

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You can now do this.

If you click "Next up", you will see an "Autoplay station" option.

Illustration of how to disable autoplay on soundcloud

  1. Click, "Next up" which is a list icon on the bottom right of the screen.
  2. Toggle, "Autoplay station" off in the Next up menu.

Update: That icon no longer appears.

Type q, scroll to the bottom, then toggle auto play off. I learned this by hitting the ... icon in the upper right next to Upload. This brings up a menu. At the bottom of the menu hit the keyboard shortcuts. This brings up another long list in a window. At the bottom right of the list is a Bold Q with Show Up Next beside it. Close the window and type q which brings up another very long window. Scroll to the bottom and toggle off Autoplay Station.

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