I've been working with a google document, and I have got a comment that references some text:

Before copy

I then go to copy-and-paste that text somewhere else in my document:

After copy

Annoyingly, the comment I made now refers both to the original text and to the new text. How can I deselect the new text from the comment?
In more generality, how can I change the text to which a comment refers? For example, in the first picture, how could I change the highlighted part to only include "This is some" and leave out "text!"?


After posting on Google Product Forums, I found the answer.
To not bring the text of the comment along with the paste, type CtrlShiftV, as opposed to CtrlV.
Sadly, it isn't possible to change the text to which a comment refers. It's fixed for good.

  • sadly, ctrl+shift+v does nothing in my case.. – mxttie Jan 18 at 13:56

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