I wish to link to a specific portion of a Wikipedia article. For example in this article about Mahatma Gandhi, I wish to create a direct link to the section Struggle for Indian Independence without showing the other details above. Is this possible?

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You can create a link directly to that section of the page. It won't hide any page content but it will skip directly to the linked section.

Copy section links from the Contents box located at the top left of the page.

For example, on Wikipedia's Mahatma Gandhi page, if you copy the link to Struggle for Indian independence (1915–1947) from the Contents you'll get the URL https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahatma_Gandhi#Struggle_for_Indian_Independence_.281915.E2.80.9347.29 which links directly to that section of the page.

How do you get the URL of specific section on a Wikipedia page

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On most longer pages in Wikipedia and other Mediawiki wikis, look for a Table of Contents box and click on any of the headings there. For example, on the page for Benjamin Franklin, there’s a section called Newspaperman.

The table of contents should appear automatically on pages with multiple named sections, but you should also be able to create the URL manually by appending # and the exact name of the section (case sensitive, with underscores for spaces) at the end of the URL, as in: /Benjamin_Franklin#Newspaperman.

This worked for me at https://community.kde.org/Get_Involved/Issue_Reporting#:~:text=More%20markup%20help-,contents,-hide (another wiki using the same MediaWiki software that Wikipedia does). For example, https://community.kde.org/Get_Involved/Issue_Reporting#Step_4:_Log_into_or_set_up_a_Bugzilla_account

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A wikipedia page is along the time contributed to. It is often good to keep and to share a link to some specific revision.


A link like this is not going away if people in the future make a change in the section title or re-order section structures.

(Above is the very edition introducing sentence: "At the request of Gokhale, conveyed to him by C.F. Andrews, Gandhi returned to India in 1915".)


without showing the other details above

nope, but you can get pretty close using Scroll to Text Fragment. Using the article and section you mentioned as an example.


You can create a link to a specific section of a Wikipedia page by combining the page URL with the section's title.

  1. Find the page's URL
    For example, the URL for the Wikipedia page Cattle is:

  2. Find title of the section

    • Use the title of the specific section without any parent section titles. For example, for the Sleep section under Behavior, Cattle page > Behavior > Sleep, it would be Sleep
    • Any spaces in the title must be replaced by underscores _ and the existing capitalization must be matched exactly. For example, the title for Grazing behavior, Cattle page > Behavior > Grazing behavior would be Grazing_behavior
  3. Combine the URL with a hash # and the Title


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