I have a resume on Monster. To avoid many unnecessary calls, I decided restrict who can see my contact information. In the privacy settings, I can see the option Limited:

privacy settings

Then I see that my contact information is visible only to my 1st Degree Connections:

1st Degree connections

What is the Monster network? On Monster's FAQ page, I read:

When we talk about the Monster network, we mean the websites and applications owned or controlled by Monster Worldwide, Inc. These include Monster's job search websites, the Monster Communities, Fastweb.com, Military.com, and other apps published by Monster, and any other property that we create or acquire. Information may be shared among any of the sites or applications in the Monster network, but it will always be used as described in the privacy policy of the site or application where it was collected. You should read the privacy policy carefully to understand how it applies to information collected on the site or application you are using.

So, my contact information should be visible only to my 1st Degree Connections, but I still receive a lot of calls from recruiters, apparently they see this information.

Who are my connections ... everybody?

And what is difference between Visible and Limited options?

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