I would like for my customers to be able to order more than one of the same item without having to add an item. Instead of a check box, I would like to add a quantity box.

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Here's how you can add a quantity box:

  1. Select Assign Prices (but not Collect Payment) for the Choice field containing your items, and assign prices to each item.
  2. Add a Number field (Integer type) called Quantity, and set the default value of the Quantity field to 1.
  3. Add a Price field to calculate the price based on the selected item and quantity. Set the Amount to something like: =MyChoiceField_Amount * Quantity
  4. Set the Item Name of the Price field to something like: =MyChoiceField, and set the Item Description to something like: "Quantity"
  5. Set the "Show This Field" option of the Price field to "Never" if you only want the total to appear in the order, and not the form itself.

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