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Is Google's Gmail service for my own domain free? I thought it was $50 per domain.

I want to use it for my custom domain's email server, to both send and receive email from a web application.

This page says $50 per user, but someone mentioned it was free.


The standard edition of Google Apps is $5/user/month (or $50/user/year). There is also a version that includes a compliance-friendly archive vault for $10/user/month.

Google used to offer a free edition but no longer accepts new sign-ups for it.


Well it seems that FOR ONE USER, there is a workaround for the free version, so it is still available and free, but quite limited.

For more info: http://googlesystem.blogspot.com/2012/12/google-apps-no-longer-free-for-small.html

or google for "google apps free edition workaround"

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