I would like to assign a price or collect payment for each repeating section.

Could you please help me?


Any payment field inside a repeating section in Cognito Forms will automatically be added to the order as line items, grouped by the repeating section item name.

For example, if you have a Pizza's repeating section, your order might look like:

Pizza 1
  Small       $10
  Pepperoni    $1
Pizza 2
  Medium      $12
  Mushrooms    $1
  Onions       $1

All you have to do is add a Price field, or Choice, Yes/No or Currency fields with Collect Payment enabled, to have them appear on the order.


Please take a look at my form, at the bottom there is a repeating section Add Child option. When they fill up the each repeating section I would like to charge them $50 fee per person.

For example If they added 2 child with reapeating section (Child 1, Child 2), they need to pay $100 https://www.cognitoforms.com/DiyanetCenterOfAmerica/DCAACTIVESummerCampApplication

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