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I am drawing flow chart in draw.io, I didn't find a way cross the two lines with cross over connector as above figure. Can any one help me out?


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as a workaround, if you need the visual element, you can create an arc as a custom shape with connection points.

It adds some extra steps to the workflow, because you have to draw lines to the connect to the arc, and then another to continue to the entity. But, you can then move the 'cross over' around and lines will stay connected.


after moving :

enter image description here

custom arc code:

<shape h="0.5" w="2.0" aspect="variable" strokewidth="inherit">
    <constraint x="0" y="1" perimeter="1"/>
    <constraint x="1" y="1" perimeter="1"/>
      <move x="0" y="0.5"/>
      <arc x="2.0" y="0.5" rx="1" ry="0.5" large-arc-flag="0" sweep-flag="1" x-axis-rotation="0"/>
  • How can you import the <shape> into draw.io. I can't find any documentation online. Commented Jan 23, 2017 at 0:11
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    The answer is by going to Extras->Create Shape and pasting the code provided by @dval Commented Jan 23, 2017 at 0:16

Line jumps are now natively supported.

When a line is selected, there is a "Line jumps" option under the style tab.

line jumps

If you're not seeing the line jump, try bringing your line to the front using Arrange > To Front. This approach can also be used to switch which line is jumping over which line, to acquire consistent line crossings:

Inconsistent jumps:

inconsistent line jumps

Consistent jumps:

consistent line jumps


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