I have a Google Plus business page and a brand page. The business page has a URL of google.com/+companyname. I didn't choose it as a custom URL. I have another custom URL: google.com/+companynamexyz, but for some reason my business page can be accessed with either URL.

I want to be able to add my brand page and YouTube Chanel to use the URL of google.com/+companyname.

What I've tried so far:

Adding the YouTube channel to the Business page, it gets the bad URL only: youtube.com/c/companynamexyz. Instead I want it to be: youtube.com/c/companyname.

I should be able to do it since I already own the URL, however I can't. The Google Plus system is extremely complicated and I don't how to deal with it. I'm open to try any suggestions.

  • You may want to try again now, YouTube's custom URL system has changed slightly since and isn't hard tied with Google+' anymore. – Leo Wattenberg Feb 20 '17 at 18:54

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