IFTTT recipe: if I send an email to the IFTTT trigger address tagged #m, quickAdd event to Google Calendar.

Since it would be a cycle reminder, I want to add an event in 28 days. quickAdd does not accept add events from the day sent until 28 days later.

I tried in 28 days, 28 days from today, 4 weeks, 4 weeks from now but in every case either the from or in is input as text.

Can I fix this?

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(not an actual solution, just evidence that it might not be possible)

The Google Calendar channel on IFTTT uses Google's "Quick Add" feature, which you can also play with directly in the web app (top-left corner).

This help page (under "Create an event using quick add") gives some tips and says that "today", "tomorrow", or a "day or week" will work - but it makes no mention of "next month", "in X weeks" or "in X days". In my testing, I also couldn't find one that works.

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