I have an existing form in another system.

Is there any way to import fields for a new form, or do I have to create it all over again?

Second, can I import my existing entries then have the new form for new entries. I'd like to keep all data together.


I work for Cognito Forms support. Cognito Forms provides import for Wufoo Forms and entries. If your form is with another solution, then you will need to rebuild the form and entries cannot be imported.

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  • Nick, I have an idea. Cognito supports pre-filling a single form row using JSON. A javascript page could be setup to walk through the rows of a Google Sheet, submitting each automatically to Cognito. In turn, Cognito could sync changes made in Cognito back to the same Google Sheet. – Loren May 17 '17 at 15:38

Loren, Nick, can you provide a guide or more information for achieving that process? (submitting values to an existing entry via JavaScript)

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