I went to sign up for one of many, many web services (in this case "Honey") which supports logging in with Facebook. When I was prompted what Facebook information I'd like to allow access to, I unchecked the option to get my Email. Upon proceeding, the website stopped me and said email is required. But now, whenever I attempt to login with Facebook again, I'm no longer prompted to allow or dis-allow access in order to give it access to my email.

How can I un-do this restriction so that I can go back and give it access to my email?

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In Facebook, on top top-right, click on the icon representing a lock to open the Security menu. Go to "See More Settings".

enter image description here

On the next page, go to "Apps" in the list on the left. This will show a list of all apps which you have allowed to access your Facebook account. Find this one ("Honey") and click on it.

enter image description here

This will show what pieces of information you have granted. On the bottom of this screen, choose "Remove App".

enter image description here

And confirm.

enter image description here

Then, go and sign up again. And don't uncheck that email option!

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