When I'm sharing an URL as "me", posting on in "Home" section, I can clearly see two "x" buttons -- first in top-right corner of an image and second one in top-right corner of page preview box (i.e. the one with title and intro text). When I click first one, image preview disappears, page preview remains.

This allows me to post page without image preview, if it is wrong or other way unwanted. Cool!

When I'm sharing exactly the same URL posting as one of my pages (directly on that Facebook Page main screen) I can only see one "x" button -- the one over image (i.e. there is not "x" button over page preview) -- and when clicking it, entire preview (both image and page preview) disappears.

This forces me to choose: either page preview with wrong image preview or no preview at all. Wrong.

Anyone got any idea / information, what causes this difference, when posting exactly the same URL as Facebook Page and as a regular user?

Is there any workaround to this problem -- i.e. is there any tool in Facebook, trick or solution, that would allow me to post URL with regular page preview, but without image preview in the same time?

Note: This problem is somewhat opposite to this one.

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