I know they now shut down Picasa as in favor for the new Google Photos. I never used Picasa, but now uploaded a few pictures lately to Google Photos.

But indeed when I visit https://picasaweb.google.com/home all the pictures from Google Photos show up there as well.

Is that a normal behaviour? And more more point: Even though I only have very few albums created in Google Photos, in Picasa I see quite a lot of albums, named by dates. So for every date for which there are photos uploaded, one album is created in Picasa. Seems weird to me.

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Yes, it's normal. Google Photos and Picasaweb (and presumably Google+ Photos) all simply use the same data store. I can't imagine that they would have wanted to copy all those petabytes of images from one place to another; better to just create a new app to point to the old data.


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