I have a drop down with the following: Bin Run, Single Clean, Single Clean Bagged.

I want to populate Cell G41 With contents from cell I18 when my dropdown says "Bin Run". I have this formula as follows and it seems to work.

=IF(G40= "Bin Run",I18)

but now i want to populate cell G41 with contents from cell T25 When G40 or my drop down says "Single Clean". Similarly with "Single Clean Bagged".

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Apparently, you want to know how to use if statements with multiple possible outcomes. This is done by nesting them:

=if(condition 1, outcome 1, if(condition 2, outcome 2, if(...)))

In your case:

=if(G40 = "Bin Run", I18, if(G40 = "Single Clean", T25, if(G40 = "Single Clean Bagged", Z42)))

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